Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ever so cute elephant...

Made while scrapbooking with friends... the elephant is a Magnolia stamp coloured with copics... the paper is Bo-Bunny (I think it's called kitchen spice)

I'll get the hang of listing supplies as I get more familiar with blogging I think Caroline's going to give me a crash course tomorrow... woohoo!!! I have to say so far it's a lot of fun... I had told Shanna and a few other friends that I would and I quote "Never Ever start a blog"... hmmm moral of the story never say never... unless it's attached to land and then it's second star to the right and straight on till morning... :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the sunshine... Take Care... :)

Card for Brayden

This is the baby card I made for Chris's brother and girlfriend when they had their baby boy on August 12, 2009... I used some Bella bling... Bella and her Fella stamp and it's coloured using the best markers ever... COPICS!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A wee bit of Poetry

From Me to You

The state of things today is really quite a fright,
Some say that we are headed down but who's to say that's right.
For when I see you smile at me I know without a doubt,
That things just never seem that bad whenever you're about.

It's just a simple gesture yet it means so much to me,
For in the stars it was written that friends we were meant to be.
It's actually kind of funny just how we came to find,
That I am a friend of yours and you are one of mine.

It was probably best that we were not told of what was to come to past,
Cause when friendship starts within your heart you know it's going to last.
So whenever you feel the world is dark take comfort in this thought,
That your friend I will always be of this please never doubt.

I know that it sounds silly just what your smile can do,
Your smile means so much its simple but it's true.
So please make sure you remember that we will always be,
Friends for always and forever... for as long as we are we.

New Moon DVD Release Tonight @ Midnight

As the New Moon rises on the Eclipse of the Breaking Dawn so began the Twilight of my obsession... a quote I wrote for when I start to scrapbook my ever so healthy addiction to all things Twilight.

This is a Valentine's Day card that I made for my fiancee, Chris, for our 3rd Valentine's Day together... using sketch #4 from Club Anya.

Me & My Sister Caroline

This was my first attempt at a scrapbooking gift I made it for my sister Caroline.. also stole the design from her.. teeheehee... these are small pictures for an old photo booth that Caroline had enlarged as a gift for me and have been 2 of my favourite photos ever since.